Lag occurs when the game does not run smothly, as it is supposed to. Lag may or may not be the user's fault. Due to the game's Beta status and constant updates and maintenances,

Examples of lagEdit

  • Items do not load, such as in above image
  • People on sidewalks stay in place or move very slowly
  • Scrolling freezes the game
  • When placing an object, an dm, gray box appears around it.
  • Decorations are a green square

Reasons it could be the user's faultEdit

  • One does not have a sufficient graphics card
  • One has slow internet connection

If one never had the problem beforeEdit

It is likely that he fault is not the user's if they never experienced the problem before. Some example why the lag is Brokenbulb's are:

  • They are currently updating the game
  • The game was recently updated and the items are corrupted
  • They (BB) are experiencing server delay

Lag2 Lag3